The absolute beginners Union
Established in 2007

They say Cinelerra is not a simple software for consumers but a very complex and powerful application, meant for skilled professionals and high quality digital audio and video editing. They say also that if you are looking for a nice and friendly Linux video editor you should use simpler applications (a partial list can be found here.
However, if you are curious and like learning, if you think a simple software is boring, if you start from the bottom but you dream to fly high, if you feel attracted by unwelcoming clever things if you need wide horizons to be happy, if you are looking for something challenging, we bet Cinelerra is the software for you.
Be prepared to live many sleepless nights, to laugh, to cry, to get angry, to feel gratitude.

Cinelerra is like an apricot.
It has a hard, solid, pregnant stone called Cinelerra HV. It has a pulp that is softer, and more distributed; sweeter and open to the world, called Cinelerra CV.
In other words, Cinelerra is developed by Heroine Virtual Ltd (HV). There is a "non-forking fork" (a branched version) developed by a Community (CV).
You can meet this Community via Mailing List (ML) or Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
Be prepared to meet entertaining, impetuous, omniscient, harsh, ingenious, phlegmatic, kind, hasty, generous people from all over the world.
TIP: Keep the telephone number of your psychiatrist handy.

It's a generally acknowledged truth that there are two types of people that orbit around Cinelerra: coders and humans.
They can come on orbit from many different directions: computer, art, education, fun, film production, videoblog, copyleft, and many many more.
Since Cinematography, Art, Music and Ideas were not born digital, it is possible that for some video lovers the computer is a completely foreign, weird and curious object.
This site is for them.

If you think you are one of ours, WELCOME!
Entry to the Front is free.
The only thing we ask you (it's a bit weird, we know) is to force your nature of newbie and back up your system.

Polite feedbacks are always welcome.
Rude comments will be stored here.


for users new to Cinelerra, to digital audio/video, to Linux

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